About Smartwatch Keyboard

“An indispensable ‘industry tool’ now available to all Wear OS Smartwatch wearers.”

The birth of Smartwatch Keyboard

The Smartwatch Keyboard app began, to assist wearable technology R&D project engineers and developers working with small 1.2″ to 2″ touch displays and needing to input text using the tiny virtual keyboards.

BIGGEST ‘easy select’ Keys

By using an innovative sliding technique, Smartwatch Keyboard was designed to be much wider than the display area and hence able to have substantially BIGGER ‘easy select’ Keys.

Smartwatch Keyboard Keys have a Surface Area²

300% Bigger

than normal size qwerty keyboards on Smartwatches.

Smartwatch Keyboard Languages


(More languages are being added, in no particular order)


Smartwatch Keyboard App has been assessed by Google and is an officially approved Wear OS software application.

How Smartwatch Keyboard makes text input easy and accurate:-

Sliding Keyboard. Smartwatch Keyboard slides from side to side, allowing the Keyboard to be much wider and taller than normal, with BIG keys which makes key selection easy and accurate.

The user can choose to use the Sliding Keyboard in 3 BIG Sizes:


Predictive Text. Smartwatch Keyboard has Predictive Text which can be easily switched ON and OFF. (English only)

When switched ON, the predictive text displays just above the keyboard and can be easily selected.

However, Smartwatch Keyboard has been thoughtfully designed so that the text you are typing is not auto corrected within your message, which is often annoying and irritating.

Note: Predictive text does have limitations, especially when inputting less common, or more complex words such as: Passwords, Technical words, Medications, Place names, Nic-names etc.

Quick Text. Smartwatch Keyboard has a Quick Text function where the user can send or reply ‘quickly’ to a message, by choosing from a list of pre-made phrases (comments/replies) from the ‘Quick Text’ list.

Quick Text can be used in combination with the Keyboard. (part keyboard text input / part quick text input). Text phrases in the Quick Text List can be easily added, edited or deleted by the user.


“An indispensable wearable technology tool available to all Wear OS Smartwatch wearers.”